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Carl's Jr.'s Pepperoni Fries Are a Hot, Hot Mess

What is the world coming to?

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Carl's Jr./Official

Carl's Jr. is testing a new product that merges — Cronut-like — two of America's favorite fast foods: French fries and pepperoni pizza. The meat-cheese-fried-potato jumble is called Pepperoni Fries, and USA Today confirms that the snack — which turned up as an internet rumor last week — is in stores now and priced at $2.39.

Loosely based upon already-popular fried creations like chili cheese fries and poutine, the fries are not meat-based, but are instead French fries topped with fried meat. Will pepperoni fries unseat disco fries as a millennial's go-to late night snack? Carl's Jr. hopes so. Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for the chain told USA Today"It may look like a mess — but it's messy good."

Pepperoni Fries are the latest in a long line of French fry-based creations Carl's Jr. has rolled out over the years. Last year, the chain tested Bacon Ranch Fries, and in 2008 chili cheese fries hit Carl's Jr.'s menu.