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New Pour-Over Coffee Maker Connects to iPhone, Reorders Beans Automatically

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It will be available later this year.


Coffee lovers rejoice: Soon it will be possible to have a steaming cup of pour-over coffee with a few taps of your smart phone. According to CNET, New York-based start-up Quirky has invented a high-tech line of appliances called Poppy, which includes the Poppy Pour-Over. The machine — which features bronze accents — is web connected. This means that it's possible to control the machine from an app on an Android or iPhone.

The appliance will brew a cup of coffee from start-to-finish, which means that users don't even have to grind the beans. The Pour-Over makes two sizes of coffee — 10- and 20-ounce servings — in its double-walled glass carafe. Users can save presets in their phones for "ideal water temperature, grind size, and brew times" and the Pour-Over can store up to 1.25 pounds of coffee beans in its hopper.

What really sets the Poppy Pour-Over apart from other web-enabled coffee makers is that it will be one of the first products to ship with Amazon's new Dash Replenishment Service, which allows customs to "replenish frequently ordered products with a push of a button." The Poppy Pour-Over keeps track of a user's inventory of remaining coffee beans and filters. So if the user is running low on either, the machine will place an order for the customer with the Amazon Dash account set up beforehand.

BGR notes that pricing for the the Poppy Pour-Over has not been released yet, nor has a product launch date been announced. The device's website says that the coffee maker will ship in late 2015. Pair the Poppy Pour-Over with the Chemex Ottomatic and you'll have the most high-tech collection of hipster coffee makers around.