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British Prime Minister David Cameron Doesn't Know How to Eat Hot Dogs

Is he too posh to use his hands?

Put down the fork and knife David.
Put down the fork and knife David.
WPA Pool/Getty Images

What is it about politicians and their inability to eat with their hands? First New York City mayor Bill de Blasio committed a cardinal sin by eating a slice of pizza with a fork and knife. Now, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been caught eating a hot dog with utensils as well. According to the Independent, Cameron committed this atrocious act while on the campaign trail yesterday.

He was invited to a family Easter barbecue in Southern England where hot dogs were on the menu. A number of journalists gathered there expecting to hear Cameron speak about taxes and pensions, but instead they got a forkful (pun definitely intended) of the Prime Minister's decidedly posh eating habits. Some speculate that Cameron relied on silverware so to not look awkward while eating in photos like other politicians. Others say that he believes he's too high class to eat hot dogs with his hands like common folk.

It appears as if Cameron is unable to consume hot dogs without creating controversy. The Daily Mail noted in 2012 that Cameron "struggled to eat a hotdog without silver service" while at a basketball game with President Barack Obama. In 2010, the Prime Minister ate a hot dog with former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. While he managed to consume the hot dog without a fork and knife, he also ate it without the traditional squeeze of mustard, which somehow erupted into "Mustardgate" in the British press.