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Burger King to Pay for Burger-King Wedding

The chain will also provide customized wedding favors.


The nuptials between an Illinois couple with the last names Burger and King will be sponsored by the Whopper makers over at Burger King. Yesterday, news broke that Joel Burger and Ashley King are getting married this summer and had reached out to the chain for permission to use the logo on their wedding favors. Burger King caught wind of their story and mysteriously tweeted out that the chain planned to send the couple "something special." According to the State Journal-Register, that "something special" is actually a check to cover their entire wedding.

A spokesperson for Burger King tells the paper, "We knew deep in our hearts that we wanted to honor the union of Mr. Burger and Ms. King... we wanted to create ‘a whopper of a wedding.'" A publicist for the chain informed the couple of the news over Skype yesterday, and further added that BK's generosity/stunt would also include personalized yo-yos for wedding guests, as well as gift bags, mason jars (so hip and trendy), and Burger King crowns, all customized for the wedding. Joel Burger tells the paper that after hearing the news, the couple was just "blown away."

Unfortunately, there will be not be a Chicken Fries cake, but a publicist tells Eater in an email that the chain does hope the Burgers will "maybe name their first child Chicken Fry." Who knows, they just might if Burger King pays for the child's first birthday party.

Watch Ms. King and Mr. Burger react to the news, below: