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Watch Jon Stewart, Mario Batali & Larry Wilmore Tackle the Indiana Pizzeria Scandal

"What the internet taketh, the internet giveth."

Late night television was abuzz with pizza hate last night in light of Indiana's controversial and discriminatory "religious freedom" law.

First, comedian Larry Wilmore tackled the subject of pizza sexuality on the Nightly Show in a panel discussion/game featuring pizza lover and chef Mario Batali. Wilmore called out pizza names and asked the panel if the pizzas are "lesbian, gay, trans, or straight." The first pizza on the list is "meat-lovers," and everyone on the panel calls it "gay" right away. Wilmore: "Everyone chooses gay?! Sorry, you're wrong. The correct answer is lesbian. Just because they're lesbians doesn't mean they don't like meat. That's your hate." Controversially, Batali doesn't believe Chicago-style deep dish pizza is real pizza. Watch on to see his winning retort.

On the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart tackled internet pizza hate with his usual hyper-serious, giggle-inducing rhetoric. After announcing the news, Stewart invites senior correspondent Jordan Klepper to the show to explain a new foolproof business plan: "Recollections Pizza," which discriminates against gays and immigrants, and waits for haters to hate and supporters to donate to a crowd-funding campaign in support of his beliefs. When Stewart points out that "the anti-gay pizza donation train has already left the station," the two stumble through several concepts — "Remembrances of Calzones Past," and "Deja Vu Meatballs," — in an effort to poke fun at how you can discriminate against anyone ("Jews," or "China men" for example) and profit from it, "no thanks to you, you East Coast Hollywood liberal."