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Where to Eat at Rogers Centre, Home of the Toronto Blue Jays

Fans can get everything from poutine and pastrami to jerk chicken nachos.

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

As the only Canadian team in the league, the Toronto Blue Jays have to represent — on and off the field — and its home stadium delivers with some distinctly Canadian dishes (poutine, Peameal bacon). Check out what Rogers Centre has to offer stadium-goers right here:

Dishes of Note at Rogers Centre

Muddy York Market. [Photo: >aAramark]

Muddy York Market. [Photo: Aramark]

Recommended gametime orders.

Sausage poutine — At Toronto Street Eats, find this take on the classic featuring fries topped with gravy, cheese curds, caramelized onions, sauteed peppers, smoked farmer's sausage, and Peameal bacon sausage. (For the uninitiated, Canadian Peameal bacon is basically cured pork loin that's been rolled in cornmeal.) Where: Section 134.

Big Smoke jerk chicken nachos — Available as nachos or inside a sandwich bun, this Muddy York Market dish has cheddar cheese sauce, smoked jerk chicken, pico de gallo, scallions, country slaw, and jerk-infused sour cream. Where: Section 109.

Deli classics — At Shopsy's Deli, get iconic staples like corned beef and pastrami. This Toronto favorite — the original opened in the 1920s — also offers smoked meat and triple-decker sandwiches. Where: Section 124.

More Stadium Standouts

Rogers Centre

King Club entrance [Photo: Rogers]. Roast beef dip [Photo: Aramark]

Skip the basic nachos and hot dogs for these Rogers Centre favorites.

Muddy York Market — There's something for everyone here in this food-court-style section. Fans should try the house-smoked roast beef dip topped with jus, aioli, horseradish mayo, onion, and arugula on an herb baguette; or the porchetta sandwich with grainy mustard, aioli, arugula, and provolone on ciabatta. A selection of salads featuring grilled chicken, kale and apples, or red quinoa and seasonal vegetables is also available. Where: Section 109.

MYM Gourmet Frites — Look for a variety of poutines, truffle-parmesan fries, and some wraps at this outpost. Where: Section 134, 220, 533.

Hogtown Grills — Hogtown serves up ballpark favorites like burgers and sausages. New this season, get the Peameal bacon sausage, which comes topped with caramelized onions and honey mustard on a cornmeal bun. Where: Section 120 and 128.

12 Kitchen — Named in honor of second baseman Roberto Alomar (#12), the first Blue Jays player to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, this stand draws inspiration for Puerto Rican influences. Try the kettle chips with cheddar, charred corn, roasted pineapple salsa, Canadian Peameal bacon, salsa verde, tomatoes, pickles, and a jalapeño-infused sauce. Where: Section 215.

Quaker Steak & Lube — Known for its wings, this outpost of the Pennsylvania-based chain is the first in Canada. Expect original, spicy, garlic, and "hot-Cajun-garlic-barbecue" styles here. Where: Section 134.

Bars: Budweiser King Club (121), 12 Bar (215), Bacardi at the Park (233).

Also in the stadium: Corktown Fresh Burger Co. (117, 512), Garrison Creek Flat Grill (112, 131, 214, 528), and Pizza Nova (109, 115, 123, 215, 508, 523).