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Mr. Burger to Marry Ms. King in Most Fast Food-Friendly Wedding Ever

It's a match made in fast food heaven.

The happy couple.
The happy couple.
Ashley King/Twitter

The smell of love and Whoppers is in the air: A couple from Illinois named Joel Burger and Ashley King — yes, thats right, Mr. Burger and Ms. King — are tying the knot this summer, and sealing their place in fast food history. According to the State Journal-Register, the duo has "fully embraced" their Burger-King wedding: They posed next to a Burger King sign for one of their engagement photos and they have reached out to the fast food chain for permission to use the official logo on their wedding favors. However, the couple will not go so far as to get married inside of a Burger King (unlike these Starbucks fans.)

It appears as if Burger King is now in contact with the Burger-King wedding party and the chain plans to send the couple "something special." Will this mean special pizza-sized hamburgers for their reception? A cake made from chicken fries? Or maybe just a Whopper bar for hungry guests. Mr. Taco and Ms. Bell, you're up next.