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Where to Eat at Miller Park, Home of the Milwaukee Brewers

All you need to know: nachos on a stick.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Brewers are back at Miller Park for the 2015 baseball season. This year, plan your game-day experience around some quality dining options — after all, what home run isn't better when it's chased with some food you can only find in a Wisconsin ballpark?

New Options at Miller Park

Holey Moley and Smoke Shack. [Renderings: Hospitality Democracy]

Holey MoleyThis outpost of the Milwaukee favorite bakery is in the stadium for the first time. In addition to the standard doughnuts, bagels, and both hot and iced coffee, find custard-stuffed doughnut sandwiches in flavors like "hella Nutella" and "peanut butter jelly time," available only at Miller Park. Where: Section 111.

Smoke ShackAlso new this year, get dry-rubbed barbecue with a variety of regional sauces at Smoke Shack. Available dishes range from pulled pork and chicken to a vegetarian option — barbecue seitan — and a special glazed yeast doughnut stuffed with smoked ham, a collaboration with sister spot Holey Moley. Where: Section 109.

Additional Fare Worth Trying

Down Wisconsin Avenue brat and Inside the Park nachos. [Photos: Delaware North]

Down Wisconsin Avenue brat — This 18-inch bratwurst is an upgraded version of the ballpark classic, featuring a Wisconsin twist. For $20, get the foot-and-a-half brat topped with shoestring fries, gravy, cheese curds, frizzled sauerkraut, cheese sauce, fried jalapeños, sour cream, and chives. Where: Section 220.

Inside the Park nachos — What's better than nachos? Nachos on a stick. These feature beef and refried beans, rolled in crushed Doritos and deep fried. They're served with nacho cheese, sour cream, and salsa roja for $9. Where: Sections 106, 129, 208, 232, 413.

Bratchos — Get kettle chips — loaded with local brand Klement's triple-grind sausage, nacho cheese, pico de gallo, sauerkraut, jalapeños, and sour cream — at locations across the stadium for $10. Makes those Racing Sausages during the game feel a little more grim, doesn't it? Where: Sections 117, 124, 210, 221, 228, 408.

Team Concretes — AJ Bombers is back for a second season in Miller Park. Expect the same specialty burgers, egg rolls, tots, and frozen custard this year, plus a few surprises as the summer stretches on, including the specialty concretes created for each baseball series. Where: Section 109.

More: Chicken or steak street tacos (223), a "two-bagger" beef burger with American cheese, aioli, and lettuce on brioche (125, 208), baked potatoes (127, 214), pizza (210, 218).