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Watch David Letterman's Top Ten List of Pun-Laced Easter Candies That Should Exist

Would you eat a box of Good & Lenty?

On Friday's episode of the Late Show With David Letterman, host David Letterman turned his attention to Easter candy. Letterman believes that the widespread consumerism surrounding eggs and bunnies made from chocolate and sugar has "subsumed" the "highest holiday on the calendar of the Christian faith." He then whipped out one of his famed Top Ten lists — this time about the best new Easter candies. The names — which are hilarious and rife with puns — include plays on Good & Plenty ("Good & Lenty"), Mike and Ikes ("Mike and Ike and Luke and John"), and even Raisinets ("He Is Risen-Ettes"). Go watch to see what the top new Easter candy is.