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Vegan Advocacy Group Compares ‘Black Lives’ to ‘Chickens’ and ‘Cows’

If "all lives matter," does that include animal lives?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Vegan Revolution, an independent, highly outspoken group based in the UK that uses social media to disseminate its propaganda, has landed itself in hot water this week after standing behind a controversial message. In a recent tweet, the group compared "black lives" to those of "chickens" and "cows."

It's not the first time Vegan Revolution has irritated the general public, but it is the first time the group — which may be a single person, and does not otherwise identify itself — has tagged a message to racially charged riots in the U.S. The tweet came after news of the unrest in Baltimore this week, which was a result of the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died after a brutal police arrest.

The reaction to Vegan Revolution's soulless banter was swift. Thousands of responses ignored the sarcasm and agreed with the sentiment within the tweet, that yes, human lives matter more than animal lives. A discussion about "speciesism" ensued, with most readers coming out morally against any comparison between the worth of humans and animals.

Vegan groups have a history of radical ways and means. In 2013, a website outing ex-vegans popped up. It listed the names of prominent former vegans (including Boston area chef Jamie Bissonnette) along with threats of actual physical violence.