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Watch Elizabeth's Game of Thrones-Inspired Tasting Menu

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Fly through dinner at the Chicago restaurant in under one minute.

At Chicago restaurant Elizabeth, chef Iliana Regan drew inspiration from hit series Game of Thrones to create a tasting menu timed to the fifth season of the show. Expect "hearty foods worthy of a dragon breeder" in the meal, on offer through the middle of May.

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Bok choy and amaranth
Bitter salad
Crisp bread and pickles
Peas and asparagus
Snails with green garlic
Scallop and fermented rhubarb
Pickled sardines and salted beef
Mussels, clams, spring onions, and watercress
Beet root and fermented milk
Pigeon pie
Yogurt and poppyseed
Lemon curd and graham cracker
Buckwheat and raw cow's milk

Elizabeth Restaurant

4835 North Western Avenue, , IL 60625 Visit Website