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How do you like your fruit?

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The blueberry pie at Eventide in Portland, Maine.
The blueberry pie at Eventide in Portland, Maine.
Bill Addison

The Eater office is pretty divided when it comes to one particular hot topic: fruit. Among our ranks are those who prefer their fruit chilled and cut, those who abhor hot fruit (or once-hot fruit that's since been cooled), those whose lives have been changed by a little something called cantaloupe tears or who prefer their fruit to actually be meat, and a surprisingly high number of people who hate melons of all kinds.

Where do you stand? Personally, I like most fruit — the big exceptions are papayas and bananas, and don't even get me started on canned peaches — but it has to be straight from the fridge and crisp. Once things turn mealy, in the case of apples, or mushy, in the case of grapes, it's time to muddle 'em up and stick them in a cocktail.