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Where to Eat at Tropicana Field, Home of the Tampa Bay Rays

Cuban sandwiches and "tropical drinks" spice up the normal ballgame offerings.

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The Tampa Bay Rays are back at Tropicana Field for the 2015 baseball season, and with that comes peanuts and cracker jacks a host of good food options in the stadium. Read on for the best bets, as well as a breakdown of concessions by area in the ballpark. Have another favorite? Leave a comment below.

Of Note at Tropicana Field


Everglades. [Photo: TBO]

Want to step up the traditional game experience? Head here.

Cuban sandwichesThe iconic Cuban sandwich, a Tropicana Field favorite, has ham, pork, salami, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles on toasted Cuban bread. Look for it at East/West Deli as well as Diamond Classics and Grand Slam Grill stands across the park. And behind first base, there might just be a Cuban burger, which swaps the roast pork in the traditional Cuban with two hamburger patties.

Fan vs. Food ChallengeOh yes, there's a four-pound burger at the Trop, and it comes with a challenge: Finish the thing (plus fries!) in under 30 minutes and win two tickets to a future game, plus a t-shirt for good measure. Find it at Everglades Brewhouse, where there's also beer and a menu of slightly less challenging food (think deviled eggs, barbecue, and nachos) — though the main attraction here should be the glory that comes with eating a 64-ounce sandwich before the first call to the bullpen.

Stadium Dining by Location

Bay Grill hot dog [Photo: Scoreboard Gourmet]; Gluten Free Favorites [Photo: Kim vs. Gluten].

The concessions options at Tropicana Field are housed in four major areas, plus additional scattered stands throughout the park. Here are some of the best bets.

Right Field Street — In this part of the stadium, expect hot dogs with all kinds of toppings and buffalo chicken sandwiches from Bay Grill. There's also the snack-centric Carni Classic, which offers popcorn, pretzels, and peanuts, and a place called World Series Cheese Steaks — named because, as rumor has it, the Phillies are the only team the Rays have ever played in the World Series.

Center Field Street — At Gluten Free Favorites, diners can get — wait for it — gluten-free alternatives to standard ballpark fare like hot dogs, burgers, and beer. There's a Papa John's up here too, if chain pizza is more your speed.

First Base Food Court — The only thing better than a Cuban sandwich is a Cuban burger, one of the selections offered at Burger Up! in this section of the park. There's also another Papa John's and a Del Rey Cantina, which serves "tropical drinks" in addition to wine and cold brews.

Third Base Food Court — The aforementioned Everglades Brewhouse, home to the burger challenge to end all stadium burger challenges, is housed in this area. It's joined by a third Papa John's and an Outback Steakhouse for those Rays fans who want to take their onion ring game to the next level with the Bloomin' Onion.

Bonus: The 2014 suite menu featured shrimp cocktail, cheese boards, portobello carpaccio, a salsa sampler and individual seven-layer dips, a Tampa Bay cocktail with Grey Goose Cherry Noir, and flourless chocolate cake. Don't see anything that strikes your fancy? Pro tip: Fans can bring in food from the outside world for individual consumption.

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