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Bakery Bandits Make Away With a Truck and 700 Loaves of Bread

This may not have been the kind of dough the criminals were after.

Joern Haufe/Getty Images

Police are searching for three men who strong-armed a bakery van in Newport, Wales early Monday morning. According to the South Wales Evening Post, the delivery driver was forced to stop when three men, dressed in black, stepped in front of the bakery van.

Detectives say that one of the men, armed with a handgun, demanded the driver turn over the vehicle. The driver complied and the three men absconded with the white van, which contained 700 loaves of bread.

Local police released a statement: "There haven't been any other incidents like this in the area, police patrols have increased and anyone with any concerns is encouraged to contact their local officers. If anyone has information about the crime that could assist the investigation they are asked to call Gwent Police."