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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Riff on Amazon's New Delivery Service

Just clean out your trunk, first.

In this video from Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel discusses a new package delivery service from in which Amazon will deliver packages directly to the trunk of a person's car if they're not at home. This will work exclusively with owners of certain Audis; Amazon will be able to pop the trunk of the car and leave packages in the trunk. So, again: if, for whatever reason, you're not home but have left your car at home and are having a package delivered and you own an Audi, you're in good shape.

Kimmel then ponders what the future may hold: a service called "Amazon Feed," in which people can have food put directly into their mouths, and "Amazon Wipe," which is a, uh, let's just say it's something of a restroom attendant.