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McDonald's Employee Knocks Out Belligerent Customer With One Punch

Mama said knock you out.


A McDonald's customer in Michigan received his burger with an unexpected side of ass whooping last week. According to MLive, the customer — who was belligerent — entered the store and started causing a commotion. He allegedly "spat on the counter" and threw a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign at employees. Two employees then asked the man to leave. When he wouldn't listen, one of the employees forced the customer out of the store. However, the determined customer attempted to re-enter the McDonald's, but the employee was not having it.

A video filmed by a local college student Kevin Lange shows the worker unleashing a destructive punch, knocking the customer out in a singular blow. Lange tells MLive that the customer "definitely instigated" the situation but that things "got taken too far;" "he didn't have to get punched." The police note that no charges have been filed yet.

McDonald's locations around the country have seen their fare share of violence in recent weeks. Just yesterday, a location in Pennsylvania announced a new policy banning teenagers and children without adult chaperones after a group of 25 to 50 high school students caused a large disturbance at the restaurant last week. Check out a video of the fight below: