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David Chang Discusses the Future of Food with World Bank President

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Chang joins the president of the World Bank Group in a discussion about hunger, poverty, and the future of food.

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"There's no path to the end of poverty without improving the productivity of agriculture and finding a way, as climate change reduces the amount of arable land, that we can feed everyone," says Dr. Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group, in this video from MAD. Dr. Kim speaks with Momofuku's David Chang about feeding the world's hungry and the possibilities for putting an end to extreme poverty.

Many criticize the World Bank for causing problems in third-world countries, rather than alleviating them. While the World Bank represents 188 countries, a small handful of the most powerful countries make the decisions. An American has been the head of the bank since its creation in 1946. The United States has the largest share of votes in the board of directors of the World Bank, and is the only member state that has veto power.