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Someone Fed Gordon Ramsay Breast Milk Mac and Cheese on 'Masterchef'

It tasted sweet.

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay stopped by the Late Late Show to chat with host James Corden last night. Ramsay has starred on many food shows over the years, and Corden asked the chef about the worst thing he has eaten while filming. Ramsay revealed he has experienced many bad dishes, and that he consumes "about a liter and a half of Pepto Bismol every month."

However, the most vile thing he ever consumed was a plate of mac and cheese during last year's audition show for Masterchef: "It was sweet ,and I thought this lady made it with almond milk. I said, ‘The cheese on top is nice, but how did you make this thing?' She said, ‘It's my breast milk.'" While Corden sat there in a state of shock, Ramsay went on to sort of defend the dish, saying that it would have been mildly okay had it not been missing salt. Is Ramsay a secret fan of breast milk ice cream? Go, watch.