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Here's the Cover of Lucky Peach #15: The Plant Kingdom

It hits newsstands May 19.


Here is the cover of indie magazine Lucky Peach's fifteenth issue, which is titled "The Plant Kingdom." The colorful cover is jam-packed with fruits and vegetables and so is the magazine. A press release notes that the stories celebrate "the great many things you can do with fruits and vegetables."

Within the issue, there's an interview with cookbook author Deborah Madison who "redefined vegetarian cooking in America," a look at what it really it takes to produce white sugar, and a lesson on how to give the very best fruit massages. Chef Daniel Humm demonstrates how to turn a daikon into fish and ice cream wizard Sam Mason magically transforms baked beans into a dessert. Chefs Barbara Lynch, Marc Vetri, and Joshua McFadden also "showcase the many simpler splendors of cooking with vegetables."

There's are plenty of recipes too, including three for mapo tofu from chefs David Chang (Momofuku), Angela Dimayuga (Mission Chinese Food), and Han Chiang (Han Dynasty). While there is no meat porn, the issue will most likely have you craving a green juice. Lucky Peach #15 hits newsstands May 19. Check out the full cover below: