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Pennsylvania McDonald's Bans Teens and Kids From Entering Without Adult Chaperone

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No one under 18 can get a Big Mac without an adult guardian.


A McDonald's in Western Pennsylvania is not lovin' the local teenage population. According to CBS, a location of the chain in the town of Altoona will no longer allow those under 18 to enter the store without an adult chaperone. The move comes after 25 to 50 teenagers "caused a disturbance" at the restaurant last week. We Are Central PA writes that four male juveniles were charged with "defiant trespassing, simple assault, harassment, and stalking" in relation to the the incident and they are believed to be the ones to have started the disturbance.

The owners of the McDonald's explained the new policy to We Are Central PA: "Our top priority is the safety of our customers and crew. For this reason we have put a temporary policy in place, limiting [the] lobby to only accompanied minors." Police note that this is an ongoing issue: Students from the local school like to hangout at businesses after class and have a tendency to cause problems.

McDonald's in other parts of the nation have also had issues with teenagers. Last year, a group of unruly teens forced a McDonald's (and a Taco Bell) in Antioch, Calif. to temporarily close on school days. Groups of 50 to 60 teenagers would often engage in "full-on" brawls in the restaurants' parking lots after school.