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Cincinnati Restaurant Apologizes for "Bruce Jenner 2.0" Hot Dog

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This is why people hire social media consultants.

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Dan Wright, the owner of Senate in Cincinnati, Ohio, apologized today for a Bruce Jenner joke that some considered inappropriate. According to, the gourmet hot dog restaurant caused an outcry by launching a Jenner-themed menu item last Friday in anticipation of the widely publicized revelation that the Olympic gold-medal decathlete was transgender and identified as female.

The menu item in question was a hot dog called "Bruce Jenner 2.0," which Senate's menu described as "part hot dog, part taco and pure awesomeness." It may have been the "2.0" that offended, implying that Jenner's transition is something akin to software upgrade, or it may have been the slightly crass "hot dog" and "taco" genitalia references that provoked. Either way, trans-rights activist Lindsey Deaton wasn't having it, calling the menu item "transphobic."

Wright posted an apology today on Senate's Facebook page, which stated, "First and Foremost we want to apologize to the Transgender community. We have always been strong allies to the LGBT community. We made a poor choice in describing our "Hotdog of the Day" It was highly insensitive and for that we are sorry." Wright proceeded to explain that all proceeds from the short-lived menu item were donated to the Heartland Trans Wellness Group, which is dedicated to providing wellness services to the Midwestern trans community.