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Book Deals: Thug Kitchen, Cereal Killer Café, More

Plus a book all about ice cream.

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The duo behind the controversial New York Times bestseller Thug Kitchen are writing a follow up cookbook. According to Amazon, it's titled Thug Kitchen Party Grub Guide: For Social Motherf*ckers and it promises "kick-ass recipes with a side of attitude." There will be 100 recipes for dishes that are "exciting, healthy, [and] vegan." This means party-friendly dishes like deviled chickpea bites and Mexican lasagna. There will also be cocktail recipes "because sometimes these parties need a pick-me-up of the liquid variety." Published by Rodale, the book will hit shelves October 13.

Identical twins and founders of London's Cereal Killer Café, a restaurant that specializes in breakfast cereal, have landed book deal. Gary and Alan Keery will publish a book called The Cereal Killer Café Cookbook with Ebury Publishing. The publisher's website notes that the book will feature recipes that center around the breakfast staple. Readers will learn how to make dishes like corn flake chicken, sausage-stuffed Shredded Wheat, and Cocoa Pop brownies. The book will also be rife with "1980s and early 90s pop culture references" and comic-strip illustrations. The Cereal Killer Café Cookbook will be released October 22.

Publishers Marketplace writes that journalist Amy Ettinger is writing a book called Sweet Spot. Published by Dutton, it is a "historical and cultural exploration of ice cream and frozen treats in America." There are tales of "drug-pushing soda bars" and coverage of modern-day ice cream makers who whip up crazy flavors. The book will also cover Ettinger's own journey of becoming an artisanal ice cream maker. There is no release date.