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Couple Claims McDonald's Cheeseburger Arrived With a Bite Missing

McDonald's is looking into the claim.


The idea of something being "gently used" is fine when it comes to clothing, but not food. According to the Herald Sun, 27-year-old Melbourne resident Ben Smith is claiming his fiancee's McDonald's cheeseburger had a bite missing when they unwrapped the sandwich. The couple went through the McDonald's drive-thru Saturday night, and when they came home, they found a chunk missing from the burger. She initially thought that Smith had played a "practical joke on her" but he claims he did no such thing.

The couple took a photo of the burger so that they "could complain," before throwing it away. The manager of the McDonald's location offered to mail them a coupon for a free cheeseburger but the couple turned him down. They also turned down a refund. "We just want to know if the store will address the issue and identify how it happened so other customers don't have the same experience," Smith tells the paper. He adds that the couple knows it looks like they could have made this whole story up but he wants to "assure" people that they did not. A spokesperson for McDonald's Australia notes that the company is investigating "this with the restaurant and liaising with the customer directly."

Turns out that it might be better to have something missing from your McDonald's order than have something unexpectedly added to it. Last year, a customer found a human tooth in his french fry from a Japanese McDonald's. This past May, a couple alleged that the hamburger they ordered from a McDonald's in Iowa came topped with marijuana.