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Exclusive: Graham Elliot's New Cookbook, 'Cooking Like a Master Chef'

Gordon Ramsay wrote the forward to the book.


Here's a first look at the cover of Chicago-based chef Graham Elliot's forthcoming cookbook, Cooking Like a Master Chef: 100 Recipes to Make the Everyday Extraordinary. The book was co-written by Mary Goodbody and features a forward from Mr. Kitchen Nightmare himself, Gordon Ramsay. Elliot is the chef and proprietor of Graham Elliot Bistro in Chicago and co-host of MasterChef and MasterChef Jr.

Way back in the winter of 2013 Elliot tweeted out a request for title submissions from fans, which tipped Eater off to the deal he signed with publisher Simon & Schuster.

In Cooking Like a Master Chef, Elliot's first book, the chef offers 100 recipes that cover "the basics of cooking and combining flavors," including: "pork chops with root beer BBQ sauce, halibut BLTs, buffalo chicken with Roquefort cream, corn bisque with red pepper jam and lime crema, smoked salmon with a dill schmear and bagel chips, truffled popcorn, and PBJ beignets."

Cooking Like a Master Chef is now available for pre-order and ships nationwide on October 27 of this year.