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Book Deals: Another Bone Broth Book, a Vinegar Cookbook, and More

Plus books on the "dark side of restaurant service" and baking.

So many bone broth books, so little life span.
So many bone broth books, so little life span.

Here's a new book deal that begs the question: Just how many bone broth cookbooks does the world need? According to Publishers Marketplace, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has landed a book deal to publish yet another book about bone broth/stock/the apparent cure to all human ailments. Titled Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet, it incorporates the "hottest health trend" into a diet that can supposedly help readers lose 20 pounds and "achieve more glowing, youthful skin in 21 days." The book — which will be published by Rodale — also promises to convince readers of the anti-aging benefits of the "ancient elixir." There is no release date yet.

Next up, Christine Moore — cookbook author and owner of the Little Flower in Pasadena, Calif. — has landed a book deal with Prospect Park Books. Called Little Flower: The Baking Book, it is a follow up to Little Flower: Recipes From the Cafe. Publishers Marketplace writes that Moore is co-writing the book with pastry chef Cecilia Leung and it will feature recipes for "rustically beautiful sweet and savory baked goods." Little Flower: The Baking Book is slated to hit shelves April 2016.

James Beard Award nominated food photographer Michael Harlan Turkell has also landed a book deal. Titled Acid Trip: A Fermented Look Into Vinegar's Soured Past and Bright Future, it will be published by Abrams. According to Publishers Marketplace, it will be "the first comprehensive cookbook focusing on the history and legacy" of vinegar. There will also be 100 recipes on how to make vinegar and cook with the ingredient. The book will hit shelves spring of 2017.

Finally, Publishers Marketplaces notes that writer Darron Cardosa is publishing a humorous book all about the "dark side of the restaurant service" with Sterling. Called The Bitchy Waiter, the book promises stories of "patrons behaving badly" and is partially based off of his online persona of the same name. It promises to be "Kitchen Confidential meets Up the Down Staircase." There is no release date yet.