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OpenTable Releases Pared Down App for the Apple Watch

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It will remind users of upcoming reservations.


Restaurant reservation site OpenTable is the latest company to introduce an app for the Apple Watch, that hip new wearable no one can stop talking about. According to a press release, the Apple Watch app — called OpenTable Glance — is a "natural extension" of OpenTable's iPhone app. Since the watch's screen is so small, the app has limited capabilities. However, it can remind users of upcoming reservations and show them how to get to the restaurant. It also has an "elegant countdown interface," to remind users just how late to dinner they are going to be.

OpenTable's watch app will notify diners when they are eating at a restaurant that participates with the company's digital payment system, Pay with OpenTable (which is integrated with Apple Pay), too. It will also prompts diners to "view and pay their checks" on OpenTable's iPhone app.

So far, there has been a steady roll-out of food-centric apps for the Apple Watch, which hits stores today. Earlier this week, food discovery platform Yummly — which "serves as a digital recipe box" — announced that it had launched an app for the Apple Watch. Review site Yelp also launched an app for the Apple Watch which allows users to read reviews on their tiny, tiny wrist screens.