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NYC's Bien Cuit and Breads Bakery Score Deals for New Books

Bread is so hot right now.


Ban gluten-free diets and embrace today's book deals: First up, Brooklyn-based Bien Cuit scored a deal with Regan Arts; it will be distributed by Simon and Schuster. The bakery is known for its hearty breads and tender pastries, products of baker Zachary Golper long fermentation process. According to the publisher, Bien Cuit: The Art of Bread will tell "the story of Golper's ongoing quest to coax maximum flavor out of one of the world's oldest and simplest recipes... Golper's techniques are relatively simple and easy to master, and his recipes require no modern equipment to make at home: just a bowl, an oven, and time—the dough does most of the work." There will be over 50 recipes for everything sweet and savory. The book hits shelves this October.

Also out of New York City is a deal for Breads Bakery, a Union Square mainstay. According to a release, Artisan Books has acquired the rights to the first book from master baker and Breads' co-owner Uri Scheft. The publisher describes the book as "the new bible of Israeli baking;" it will draw inspiration from Scheft's Danish-Israeli heritage as well as the Jewish baking traditions of Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, and Georgia. Expect more than 100 recipes for breads both sweet and savory, including one for the bakery's signature Chocolate Babka. The new book will be co-written by Raquel Pelzel and lands in bookstores sometime in the fall of 2016.