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Uber and Zomato Team Up to Get You to Dinner on Time

Soon there will be no excuse to be late.

A new app partnership wants to make it easier to get to your next dinner reservation on time. Uber is teaming up with restaurant discovery service Zomato to enable users "to book a cab to the restaurant where they plan to dine," The Indian Express reports.

The announcement comes on the heels of Zomato's acquisition of NexTable, a Charlotte, N. Car.-based reservations app in the vein of OpenTable. The Uber feature will be integrated into said app (which will soon be renamed Zomato Book): "Zomato will add an Uber button on the restaurant page and if you’ve found the place where you plan to go, you can simply tap the button to find the nearest Uber vehicle."

The feature has already launched in South Africa and London; it will soon be offered in 27 cities across 13 countries, including the U.S.

India-based Zomato, which recently raised $60 million in venture capital funding, has been snapping up related companies left and right: Earlier this year it purchased American review and reservations site Urbanspoon and a few months prior it bought an Italian restaurant review site called Cibando. And while Uber may be best known for transporting people, it's also expanding its reach: It recently launched a restaurant delivery service called uberFRESH in Los Angeles.