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Starbucks to Open in Ferguson, Mo.; Guy Savoy Will Open Another Guy Savoy

Also, Kathleen Kingsbury wins a Pulitzer for writing about restaurant labor practices.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

COMING ATTRACTIONS — Starbucks has announced its intention to open a store in Ferguson, Mo., the site of the deadly police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The shooting, as well as subsequent decision by a grand jury to not indict officer Darren Wilson, led to weeks of riots and lootings in the area, as well as demonstrations all over the world. Starbucks, which tackled race issues head-on with its controversial "Race Together" campaign, stated that opening a Ferguson store was merely "part of our plan to build more stores in urban neighborhoods."

PARIS — French chef Guy Savoy, owner of the eponymous restaurants Guy Savoy in Paris and Las Vegas, has announced that he is opening another restaurant, also named Guy Savoy. The new Guy Savoy will open May 19 at the Monnaie de Paris (The Paris Mint), which is one of the longest buildings on the Left Bank of the Seine. Savoy has garnered multiple Michelin stars for his Guy Savoy restaurants.

AWARDS SEASON The Boston Globe's Kathleen Kingsbury was awarded a Pulitzer Prize on Monday for a series of editorials about restaurant labor practices. The 36-year-old Kingsbury chronicled the hardships of restaurant workers who did not earn a living wage, as well as ways to ameliorate these problems. "The American restaurant industry is the fastest growing in the country, and because of antiquated customs, including tipping, its 13 million workers are routinely underpaid and abused by employers," Kingsbury said. On April 15, thousands of Americans participated in a strike for a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers.