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Postmates Will Now Bring Chipotle to the Indolent and Lazy

Chipotle and Postmates are officially a team.


Are you not close enough to one of Chipotle's approximately 1,800 worldwide locations? Or are you just not feeling up to walking to your car, driving over, and picking up your carnitas burrito or chicken bowl?

There's some good news for people who love Chipotle but hate leaving the house: according to Nation's Restaurant News, Chipotle will team up with food-delivery service Postmates to deliver the popular Mexican food chain's burritos, bowls, and salads in 67 U.S. cities.

Chipotle executives confirmed yesterday that Postmates, which uses independent contractors who deliver food using their own cars, would be their official third-party delivery service. When other third-parties have attempted to deliver Chipotle in the past, and the company has attempted to shut them all down.

Chipotle's chief financial officer, Jack Hartung, told NRN that online ordering composed approximately 6.6 percent of the company's sales; they are looking to grow that number closer to the 10-percent range.

Earlier this week, Chipotle announced it had found a new carnitas supplier, which would help ameliorate the dearth of carnitas that has plagued the restaurant this year.

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