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Pregnant Popeyes Employee Claims She Was Fired After the Restaurant Was Robbed at Gunpoint

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The franchise owner asked her to pay what the thief stole.


The former manager of a Popeyes in Texas claims that she was fired because she didn't pay back the money a thief stole from the restaurant. According to KHOU, the store was recently robbed by an armed man with a beanie over his face. Surveillance video shows that he forced all the employees to the floor, before turning his attention to Marissa Holcomb who was on duty as manager at the time. Holcomb says that the man pushed towards the front of the store and "told me to give him everything out of the safe." However, Holcomb could only access the registers, and the gunman walked out of the Popeye's with nearly $400 in cash.

Holcomb claims that after the robbery, "One of her managers gave her a choice to either pay the money back or get fired." Holcomb — who is pregnant with her fourth child — refused to pay: "I just had a gun to me. I'm not paying the money." She says she was fired 36 hours later. "I don't think it's right because now I'm struggling for my family because what I had to do to keep my life," she notes.

A spokesperson for the Popeyes franchise owner tells KHOU that Holcomb was fired "because she broke policy by leaving too much money in the register and that this wasn't her first offense." The spokesperson added that the company was not aware of whether or not the franchise offered Holcomb the option to pay the money back. Police are still looking for the thief in question.

Unfortunately for Holcomb, not all thieves are like those that hit a Subway in Omaha in February. One of the robbers ordered a sandwich while displaying a firearm, and left the store with just the sandwich and no cash.

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