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Wine-Themed Hotel Throws Open Its Doors in Washington Next Year

Every guest room will be named after a different winery.


The world already has a beer-themed hotel, so it's only natural that one should open centered around wine. According to the Tri-City Herald, developer Tom Drumheller is opening a new hotel in Richland, Washington that is all about the vino.

Called the Lodge at Columbia Point, the hotel will feature 82 guests rooms each named after a different local winery. Drumheller tells the paper that the hotel will also throw wine-themed social gatherings. Additionally, there are plans to bring in chefs from different cities to "pair the wine with gourmet meals." Perhaps the hotel will throw wine raves — essentially a rave that serves wine shots instead of hard alcohol — too.

Drumheller — who has been trying to build the hotel since 2007 — says that construction crews will start excavation of the site in May. He reveals that the four-story hotel should be open about a year later.