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Shake Shack Will Open in West Hollywood in 2016

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The Shack sets its sights on the West Coast.

Nick Solares/Eater NY

Angelenos, brace: Shake Shack, restaurateur Danny Meyer's publicly traded burger restaurant chain is expanding into Los Angeles. According to a release, Shake Shack will open its doors in the City of West Hollywood, within LA county, in 2016.

The first West Coast Shake Shack location will open on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and West Knoll Drive. Said CEO Randy Garutti in a release: "We've heard from our West Coast fans for years that they'd love a Shake Shack in California, and at long last, we're delighted to say Shake Shack LA is on its way. Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world with a culture like no other, and we look forward to being a part of the community."

Shake Shack West Hollywood will be designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, an Austin, Texas-based firm also responsible for the design of Texas-based P. Terry'sa chain of throwback burger stands. The existing space, a former Koo Koo Roo, will be transformed into a  "roadside" stand. The first LA-based location will sport a parking lot, outdoor patio, and — in keeping with Shake Shack's typical build-outs — sustainable design.

The news comes as something of a surprise. When Eater last caught up with Garutti, just after Shake Shack went public, a West Coast Shack was not in the works. He alluded to the need for Shake Shack to grow at a steady pace, and that the growth plan was focused on expanding further into existing markets along the East Coast.

"The furthest West the Shack burger has made it thus far is Las Vegas, but there's no question at some point we'll get to the West Coast. Today is not that day. This is about the right pace and an appropriate growth plan. Most of that will happen immediately by deepening our roots in our current home base, but from time to time we will jump out into other markets as we have done with Las Vegas and Chicago.

Fresh off its IPO, Shake Shack is on an expansion streak. The company is currently building new locations in Las VegasAustin, and Tokyo, with additional locations on the East Coast also to come.

Watch out, In-N-Out.