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The Apple Watch Gets Yelp and Yummly as Apps

Owners of hot accessory now have two new apps to choose from.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Two food- and restaurant-related apps are now available for the this spring's most coveted piece of throwback fashion, the Apple Watch. Market Wired reports that Yummly, a "food discovery platform," is debuting its app for the watch today. Yummly, which serves as a digital recipe box and also allows users to order groceries, has been the top downloaded recipe app on iOS since its launch and is available for free in the app store.

Additionally, the official Yelp blog announced last week that the popular crowd-sourced review service would be available (also for free) for use on the Apple Watch. It appears, at least from pictures on the blog, to look much like the Yelp phone app, only ... much smaller.

A limited amount of text and media appear on the watch, ostensibly requiring quite a bit of scrolling to get through an entire user review (or recipe, in the case of Yummly). Considering that the watch is essentially an iPhone accessory, and one needs to have their iPhone with them in order to use the watch app, it does raise some questions about practicality of use.