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Woman Allegedly Planted a Cricket in Her Food to Get a Free Meal

Crickets are quite high in protein, FYI.


A North Carolina woman was arrested last Friday after police say she purposely put a cricket on her plate in order to get a free meal from a local restaurant.

Police arrested 26-year-old Shatanya Arielette Beasley of Charlotte on charges of felony obtaining property by false pretense, according to the Associated Press. When Beasley reportedly complained about the cricket in her meal, the restaurant manager noticed additional crickets in her wallet. When Beasley and her son left the restaurant without paying for their meal, the manager called police.

Beasley is not the only person who has bent over backwards to avoid paying for a meal: last month, a British man released a rat in Sunderland, England bistro in order to get out of paying the check. And two Christmases ago, a Philadelphia blogger circulated an email to local restaurants asking them to give her family free dinner in exchange for "exciting" coverage of the dinner on her website and social media channels.