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Man Furious Over Omelette Hurls Restaurant Manager Into Elderly Woman

A classic case of brunch rage


An angry man in a New York City restaurant was so infuriated by the long wait for his omelette that he grabbed the restaurant manager and threw him into an elderly woman who happened to be standing nearby.

According to the NY Daily News, diners at Bocca East on NYC's Upper East Side were shocked when 39-year-old Nicholas Dematteis became enraged over the wait for his omelette and began screaming and demanding a free meal. Then, according to witnesses, while the restaurant manager was trying to calm him down, Dematteis grabbed the manager by the neck and slammed him against the bar.

Dematteis then left the restaurant and was pursued by the manager. Dematteis grabbed the manager again, this time tossing him directly into an elderly woman who was standing nearby. "There was a hustle and bustle out here and she hit the ground pretty hard," said one witness.

Dematteis was arrested shortly after the confrontation and charged with assault. He is not the only restaurant goer in recent weeks to rage against long wait times. Last Sunday, a diner at a Thai restaurant in Anaheim, Calif. protested a fifteen minute wait for his food by leaving a racial slur on the credit card receipt in lieu of a tip.

Bocca East

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