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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Chugged a Beer In Six Seconds Flat

He probably does a mean keg stand.

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is making headlines lately — not for his ability to run a country — but instead for his ability to drink beer. According to CNN, Abbott was in a crowded Sydney pub Saturday evening for a friend's going away party when a group of rowdy college athletes invited Abbott to share a drink with them. Not one to say no to his constituents, the Australian leader obliged.

Abbott proceeded to down a 15-ounce glass of beer in an impressive six seconds as the crowd chanted "skol, skol, skol," — the Australian equivalent of common frat bro rally cry, "chug, chug, chug." While the crowd cheered and some applauded the politician on Twitter, others believe it was a dumb move, writes the Telegraph. Political reporter Judith Ireland notes, "Our culture has (supposedly) moved on from...when being able to drink beer very quickly made you really awesome." Others worry that it encourages "irresponsible drinking."

Abbott isn't the only world leader with a soft spot for beer. President Barack Obama is a noted fan of beer, although he rather brew them at home than pound beers in the pub. Obama was recently given a lifetime membership to the American Homebrewers Association for being the first POTUS to make beer at the White House. Check out Abbott boozing below: