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Watch Taco Bell Japan's Bonkers Rap Video

It's to promote the chain's new Tokyo outpost.

What's the best way to promote your restaurant opening? A bonkers rap video, of course. That's the methodology Taco Bell deployed ahead of the launch of the chain's first Japan location, which will throw open its doors in Tokyo tomorrow.

The video features two goofy rappers — some Japanese sites refer to them as the Ascetic Boys — with hipster baseball caps and thick gold chains running around the city rapping about the features of the restaurant. Mentioned multiple times is Taco Bell's take on Taco Rice, which will be served alongside other Japan-only menu items like shrimp-and-avocado burritos and a dessert called "ice cream tostadas."

Perhaps the world will get more rap videos as Taco Bell forges onwards with its plans to put a Chalupa in every corner of the planet. The chain announced in December that it wants to open 1,300 international locations by the end of 2023.