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Is Hot, Canned Coffee the Future of Beverages?

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Hot, canned tea, cider, and protein drinks may soon be a reality too.


Wake up and smell the (canned) coffee: A bold man has launched a Kickstarter to raise money for his line of hot coffees served in a specially-designed aluminum can. According to the LA Times, Danny Grossfeld came up with HotShot after encountering hot canned coffee in Japan. The Japanese version, however, was not hot enough or large enough for Grossfeld. So he set about creating his own line.

The coffee cans — which come in flavors like French vanilla, caramel, espresso, and hot chocolate — also come with a HotBox, which is essentially a sauna for the cans. The Hotbox holds nine coffee cans and keeps them at 140 degrees. The cans themselves are "designed to keep the coffee hot and your hands cool." So far the Kickstarter campaign has only raised $7,264 of its $100,000 goal with 40 days left to go. If the campaign is successful, there may be more hot canned drinks on the horizon: Grossfeld wants to release canned versions of tea, cider, and even warm protein drinks.