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Supporters Raise Over $500K for Indiana Pizza Parlor That Discriminated Against Gays [Updated]

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Putting their money where their mouth is.

Shortly after Memories Pizza, a small restaurant in Walkerton, Ind. announced it would never cater a gay wedding and publicly came out in support of Indiana's controversial new "religious freedom" law, it was forced to shutter due to incessant calls and aggression from media outlets and activists looking to make an example out of its prejudiced owners.

Hours later, supports of Memories Pizza and Indiana's conservative governor Mike Pense started a GoFundMe page to help support the struggling business. Twelve hours later, the campaign has raised nearly $600,000; the original goal was $25,000. The page was started by Lawrence Jones a local reporter on Blaze TV who supports the family's beliefs. Jones writes on the GoFundMe page: "[W]e learned that the family may never even reopen the doors to their restaurant as the death threats and vicious online reviews continue to pour in from the arbiters of 'tolerance.'"

Of the over 5,000 individual donors to the campaign, over half are anonymous, proving that while agreeing with the law may be controversial, there are plenty of supporters. The highest donation was from an anonymous donor who contributed $5,000 late last night.

This morning Indiana announced it would be amending the law to disallow any discrimination toward members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender communities.

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