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The Average Price of a Burger Across American Cities

Would you pay $9.52 for a burger?


Burgers — one of America's most popular foods — are popular on both coasts and everywhere in-between. But they cost can vary greatly depending on where in the country you eat them. Restaurant delivery site GrubHub — which works with over 30,000 restaurants — analyzed the prices of burgers in major cities across America.

The prices were culled from a range of restaurants including traditional burger joints, pizzerias, and even a couple of Thai places. Based on the data, New York City is most expensive place for burger lovers where the average one costs $9.52. Los Angeles and San Francisco also have a high average burger price tag at $9.44 and $9.24 respectively. So head to Philadelphia, burger fanatics — the average price is just $6.24. Check out how each city compares below: