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Ohio KFC Robbed of Its Chicken Twice in One Week

Thieves have stolen $7,800 worth of chicken to date.

Who keeps stealing all the chicken?
Who keeps stealing all the chicken?

People can't stop stealing chicken from a KFC in Toledo, Ohio. According to the Toledo Blade, for the second time this week, a local KFC was the victim of a "large-scale chicken theft" on Thursday. An unidentified person or group of people broke into the restaurant's outside storage shed late last night and took nearly $4,800 worth of poultry. Police do not have a suspect yet.

NBC 24 writes that the same KFC was was robbed just the day before. The unknown suspects — who could be the same or a different group of thieves — stole $3,000 worth of chicken from the same shed. A store manager told police that three "disgruntled" employees had been fired following the first theft. What the thieves are going to do with $7,800 worth of chicken is unclear.

Restaurants may want to start guarding their meat better. In January, a brazen thief stole $4,000 worth of chicken, ribs, and wings — plus an empty cash register for some unknown reason — from a barbecue restaurant in Florida.