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Disney Parks Becoming More Allergy Friendly

It's a hypoallergenic world, after all.

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With millions of visitors from all over the world every year, Disneyland and Disney World can expect to deal with all kinds of dining restrictions from its guests. Now there is good news for Disney fans everywhere who happen to also suffer from food allergies: Disneyland and Disney World are rolling out allergy-friendly menus in nearly 120 of their restaurants, according to this post on the Disney Food Blog.

Disney has been experimenting with allergy-friendly menus since last year at select restaurants like Flying Fish Café, Kona Café and Captain Cook's at Disney World in Orlando. The pilot program was deemed a success, and will be expanding to other Disney World restaurants as well as its West Coast theme park.

Menus will focus on the more common food allergies: gluten, milk, shellfish, and nuts. The allergy-friendly menu at Disney World's Jiko is unsurprisingly meat- and vegetable-heavy. Items include wild boar tenderloin, roasted cauliflower, and beetroot salad. Disney encourages its guests to mention any dietary restrictions ahead of time.