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Ben & Jerry's Wants to Feed Stoners Ice Cream 'Brrr-Itos' on 4/20

The ice cream company is making a beer too.


Brace yourself, world, there's a new Choco Taco on the block: Ben and Jerry's is releasing an ice cream "burrito" — better known as a "Brrr-ito" — on 4/20, everyone's favorite totally-made-up stoner holiday. According to the website, the stunt-y dish features two scoops of ice cream, "a fudge drizzle", and cookie crumbs rolled up in a waffle wrap. Essentially, it sounds like a waffle cone that is incredibly difficult to eat. The ice cream flavors are customizable, and unlike their burrito competitor Chipotle, Ben & Jerry's will not charge extra for guac.

If ice cream-filled fauxritos aren't your indulgence of choice, perhaps a liquid, boozy version of Ben & Jerry's will tickle your fancy. Fox News writes that the ice cream company has teamed up with New Belgium Brewing to create a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. The beer will be available in 22-ounce bottles and will hit store shelves in the Fall.

Ben & Jerry's has been on a ice cream innovation streak as of late: The company launched a kosher-for-Passover Charoset flavor in Israel, a new flavor with comedian Jimmy Fallon, and pints with a cookie butter core. Check out their stoner-filled advertisement for the Brrr-ito below: