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Are Mario Batali and Dario Cecchini Opening a Restaurant in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean?

It will be dedicated to meat.

Eataly; Facebook; Wikipedia

Chef Mario Batali is allegedly opening a restaurant in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the blog Krikorian Writes, the orange Croc-lover is teaming up with famed Italian butcher Dario Cecchini to open a "meat palace" on Flores Island, which is part of the Azores. It might seem odd to open a restaurant on an island with a population of just 3,900, but the island is located halfway between New York City and Tuscany — respective home turfs of Batali and Cecchini.

The project is tentatively titled Il Gran Palazzo di Carne and it will likely be a "temple to the cow." Details are scarce and Batali and Cecchini would not comment to Krikorian about the project. However, Cecchini's wife Kimberly Wicks appeared to confirm the project via email. This all very well could be a good internet hoax. Eater has reached out for comment.

Batali — who owns numerous restaurants around the world — is constantly involved with new projects. On top of the upcoming meat-themed restaurant with Cecchini, Batali recently wrote the foreword for an upcoming parody book, launched an online series where he whips up dishes with famous musicians, and is opening new establishments in New HavenBoston, and New York City.