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Meet the Woman Who Has Served Burgers at the Same Restaurant for 50 Years

She started working at the restaurant when she was 15.


One very dedicated woman has spent the last 50 years serving burgers at the same restaurant. According to Fox4KC, 65-year-old Judy Eddingfield started working as a waitress at Kansas City restaurant Winstead's Steakburgers a half-century ago. It's the only job she's held her entire life. Eddingfield took a job as waitress at the Kansas City institution in 1965. When she first started, diners could purchase "a single [burger], a fry, and a coke for 65 cents."

Eddingfield has been eating Winstead's burgers even longer than she has been serving them. The waitress reveals that her mother started working at the restaurant when she was just three years old. Other family members — including her two brothers and sister, plus two of her cousins and two of her aunts — have also worked at the restaurant — just not as long as Eddingfield. She even met her husband at the restaurant. "It's like my home away from home and I just love it here," she tells Fox4KC.

The Daily Mail writes that Eddingfield plans to keep working at the restaurant "as long as she is healthy." The restaurant is happy to have her. General manager Kathi Fern says she fondly calls Eddingfield her "dinosaur": "She's a dying breed and there will never be servers like her again."

Many are finding it difficult to hold down restaurant jobs as life-long careers due to low pay and long hours. A recent study revealed that nearly 40 percent of restaurant workers live in poverty and many of them require public assistance to make ends meet. Another study reveals that cooks, dishwashers, bartenders, and servers have some of these worst jobs in America. Check out the local news story below: