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LA Clippers Star Glen Davis Launches YouTube Cooking Channel

He's on a mission to cook healthier.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Los Angeles Clippers star Glen Davis is adding YouTube cooking show host to his resume. According to the Los Angeles Times, the basketball player is on a journey to get healthier and eat smarter, which inspired him to launch a series called Big Baby TV, inspired by his nickname. "Eating [poorly] is something that's hard to shake...You've really got to have your Bible of what to eat," he tells the LAT.

On his new show, Davis demonstrates lightened-up versions of dishes like gumbo — which he makes with chicken stock instead of flour and oil — and gluten-free cornbread. He also whips up Asian-inspired chicken with chives and edible flowers. While he plans to cook a variety of dishes, there probably won't be much vegan fare on the show anytime soon: "I tried to be vegan for a while.... but I wasn't getting enough protein to get me through games."

Davis joins NFL star Antonio Cromartie as a professional athletes with cooking show aspirations. Cromartie declared last month that he wants to be on the cooking competition show Hell's Kitchen. The football player believes he can "out-cook the masses" and he thinks that he could win the culinary competition. Check out a clip of Davis' show below: