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Burger King Employee Busted for Selling Meth Out of the Drive-Thru

At least she's resourceful.


What's your favorite burger side? French fries? Onion rings? Meth? According to 13 WMAZ, those were the options at a Burger King in Georgia. Courtney Suzanne Morgalo — an employee of the store — was recently arrested for selling methamphetamine out of the restaurant while working the drive-thru window. Police say that Morgalo sold the drugs out of her car to customers as well, and they believe she "used meth while on the job."

Police caught wind of the 20-year-old's activities and and searched her car while she was at work. They recovered "scales, plastic baggies and five grams of meth," and two prescription pills in her pocket. She was promptly arrested. Since she was on probation at the time for another drug charge, she was charged with felony probation violation and drug possession with the intent to distribute. Morgalo's mother tells My Fox Atlanta that she "doesn't have any idea" how her "shy, quiet kid" got into dealing drugs.

Morgalo isn't the first food service employee to turn to meth for a bit of side cash — after all, restaurant jobs are some of the lowest paying in the country. Last year, a taco truck in Denver, Colo. was busted as part of one of the "largest meth seizures in state history." Apparently, "customers could literally walk up to a food truck and order a side of meth with their taco."

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