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Burger King's Co-Founder Swears Executives Aren't 'Making All Kinds of Money'

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The co-founder a company with over $5 billion in assets would like a little bit of empathy.

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The co-founder of Burger King, David Edgerton, has officially gone on the record about today's worldwide wage protests. The 87-year-old entrepreneur, who opened the fast food giant in 1954, spoke to Time magazine about the lobbying by fast food workers for a $15 per hour wage and the right to unionize.

Edgerton says that fast food restaurants won't be able to provide that kind of a wage to workers and be able to maintain cheap menu prices, or dollar menus. "You're not going to get these dollar hamburgers anymore that both Burger King and McDonald's had," Edgerton told Time. "I see a lot of $10 hamburgers arriving on the scene."

The protests, which are taking place in over 200 cities and 30 countries, have already prompted some companies, like Wal-Mart and McDonalds, to give nominal raises to a handful of their workers.

Edgerton also said that he'd like to "educate" the workers about the plight of corporate industrialists everywhere: "I'd certainly try to get them into a situation where they can be educated about the total picture," he said. "They're in there thinking we're just screwing them on the price and blah blah blah and making all kinds of money."

Daniel Schwartz, CEO of Burger King, had a base salary of $700,000 last year before bonuses, or $350 per hour, assuming 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year.