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Impatient Customer Scrawls Horrible Racist Slur on Receipt Instead of Tip

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Another day, another racist receiptAccording to the OC Weekly, an impatient customer left an offensive slur on the tip line of receipt last Sunday. Fa-Sai Thai Restaurant in Anaheim, Calif. had an exceptionally busy service on one recent night and a rude customer had to wait a measly 15 minutes for his food. When he went to sign his receipt, he declined to tip his server and instead wrote, "HURRY THE FUCK UP ZIPPERHEAD." The Racial Slur Database notes that the term "zipperhead" was coined by U.S. soldiers during the Korean War and is used as a derogatory term in reference to those of Asian descent.

Fa-Sai Thai owner CJ Jetphukthai shared the receipt on the restaurant's (now deleted) Facebook page and explained the story. He then added in some words directed at the customer: "Thank you for your kind understanding and your words of encouragement... We know the world revolves around you... And no one else matters but you."

Sadly this is not the first receipt containing a racial slur — and it most likely will not be the last. In December, a Pennsylvania man was shocked to find that his receipt for a take out order from a sports bar featured the term "nigga" next to the check number. In 2012, a woman received a receipt from a Papa John's in New York that referred to her as "lady chinky eyes." Can't the world just agree to make restaurant receipts a safe space? Check out a screen shot of receipt below: